8 Innovations Occupational Safety Technology Needs to Save More Lives

How often do you ask yourself, “How could this injury have been prevented?” Humans make mistakes and accidents happen. That’s why so many companies develop occupational safety programs and adopt new technology. With all the technology available and the billions of dollars invested into the safety industry, why are accidents still happening at the rate they are?
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Customer Story: Implementing SafeGuard with our First Major Client

As Sentinel begins to pursue technology acquisition requests with all related DoD groups, our Safety-as-a-Service model is designed for seamless adoption into existing procurement and deployment processes
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A New Class of Wearables

ZDNet published an article in April featuring Sentinel’s sensors and software technology offering, SafeGuard. Called “a new class of worker wearables”, it outlines our approach to intelligent monitoring and worker safety describing it as a combination of environmental, human, and locational data from the worker, analyzed in the cloud, and providing real-time detection and alerting through the SafeGuard software platform.
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Origin Story

The launch of the Sentinel Occupation Safety company is an exciting time for our team here at Aptima.In the past five years, we’ve been working on government-funded contracts to develop technology for multiple aspects of a “confined spaces monitoring system”.
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