Our Solution

An Intelligent Guardian

Our SafeGuard™ platform provides Safety as a Service™ in the most demanding jobs and environments.

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Capturing relevant health and safety signals through the latest sensor technology

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Secure and encrypted transmission of pertinent data to approved devices

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Cutting-edge analytical methods to shift from reactive treatment to proactive prevention

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Uncovering hidden safety
and efficiency insights through intuitive presentation

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way dangerous work is done through innovative technologies

Through personalized and intelligent health & safety solutions, we provide innovative protection solutions for workers in demanding occupational environments.

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We are a team of industry professionals working to usher in the future of occupational safety

Born out of America’s Small Business Innovative Research Program and Aptima Ventures, Sentinel Occupational Safety aims for market leadership in the use of industrial IoT for personalized and predictive health & safety management.

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Safety as a Service™

Join us in our quest to personalize safety and provide an intelligent guardian for workers in dangerous industrial settings.


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Customer Story: Implementing SafeGuard with our First Major Client
As Sentinel begins to pursue technology acquisition requests with all related DoD groups, our Safety-as-a-Service model is designed for seamless adoption into existing procurement and deployment processes
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A New Class of Wearables
ZDNet published an article in April featuring Sentinel’s sensors and software technology offering, SafeGuard. Called “a new class of worker wearables”, it outlines our approach to intelligent monitoring and worker safety describing it as a combination of environmental, human, and locational data from the worker, analyzed in the cloud, and providing real-time detection and alerting through the SafeGuard software platform.
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Recent news

Sentinel continues to win innovation grants to provide funding for continued technology development. Other newsworthy items are posted here including press releases, blogs, articles, partnership announcements, and new contract awards.