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100 occupational fatalities each week in the U.S. are deemed preventable.

Sentinel’s SafeGuard™ technology is working to change this.

SafeGuard operates at the edge, providing a Safety as a Service platform in the most demanding jobs and environments.

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Our Technology

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Contextualized sensing

SafeGuard fuses a combination of physiological, environmental, locational, and behavioral data from a worker’s sensors, analyzing it as it moves from the edge to the cloud to provide real-time detection and alerting. For a mechanic welding inside a ship compartment, for example, algorithms assess their physiological, atmospheric, and other indicators, including heart rate, breathing, air quality, and motion, detecting risks such as dangerous levels of fuel vapors or low oxygen, and their health status.

Cloud-based monitoring

Unlike current safety protocols that rely on one-to-one observers to check in with confined space workers at intervals, SafeGuard’s cloud-based monitoring enables a single safety manager to oversee the real-time health and safety of 15—20 workers simultaneously, even tracking their precise locations in GPS denied environments.

Predictive alerts

Predictive alerts and intuitive at-a-glance 'green-yellow-red’ status indicators provide continuous, comprehensive monitoring for proactive injury prevention. In the case of high risk or man-down situations, SafeGuard’s built-in decision support capabilities facilitate the appropriate intervention, including emergency or medical response when seconds and minutes are crucial.

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Our IP:
Intelligent Health & Safety Data Fusion

Our patented data fusion engine uses wearables, wireless comms, and Edge AI analytics to provide workers in dangerous settings with an intelligent guardian.

Safety as a Service™

Join us in our quest to personalize safety and provide an intelligent guardian for workers in dangerous industrial settings.